Auto Repair and Tire Service in Auburn, CA

Since 2001, Auburn Tire Service has provided tire and automotive service to customers in North Auburn, Lincoln, Newcastle, and Georgetown, CA. We are located at 1100 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA, minutes away from all customers that want quality automotive products and service. We are open Monday through Friday 8-5:30. Call us at (530) 885-6883 or contact us online with any questions or concerns.

The staff at Auburn Tire Service has always provided the best quality services and repairs when it comes to tires. We  offer only the best tire brands, including: MICHELIN®, BFGoodrich®, and Uniroyal®. Use our tire size finder online, and browse our entire selection of tires from the comfort of your own home. For tire services, choose Auburn Tire Service the business that will give you the best price on Computer Spin Balance, flat repairs, low profile tire installation, and rotations. 

When it comes to automotive repairs, Auburn should always be your first choice. Our expert technicians will perform a wide range of services including: belts & hoses, brakes, starting/charging batteries, steering and suspensions, TPMS, and wheel alignments. We also accpet newly released hybrid vehicles. Contact us today to schedule your next vehicle service with Auburn Tire Service.